Rainforest Alliance Standards Committee
  • 12 Oct 2023
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Rainforest Alliance Standards Committee

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The Rainforest Alliance Standards Committee is responsible for discussing, weighing, and deciding on the feedback received during the multi-stakeholder consultations, and for approving draft versions of standards. The Standards Committee may also advise on standards-related documents, and on related strategic topics.

The Standards Committee consists of a minimum of 10, up to a maximum of 15 individuals (excluding non-voting ex officio member(s)) with recognized expertise in standards and certification, important aspects of the Rainforest Alliance program, and/or specific expertise of one or more of the Rainforest Alliance’s products.

Members of the Standards Committee are appointed by the Rainforest Alliance Board of Directors, following proposal from members of the Rainforest Alliance Management Team. The composition of the Standards Committee represents various stakeholders involved in the various Rainforest Alliance programs (i.e. coffee, tea, cocoa, rooibos, bananas, hazelnuts, etc.). Learn more about the Standards Committee, how representatives are chosen, and its commitments.

Rudy Amador
Rudy Amador, Director of Sustainable Agriculture, Dole Tropical Products, Costa Rica

Lisa Christel
Lisa Christel, Advisor Sustainable Food Systems at WWF Germany, with a focus on agroforestry systems for cocoa.
Ute Eisenlohr
Ute Eisenlohr, Agricultural Programs Manager at Dr. Bronner’s

Anneke Fermont,
Anneke Fermont, Regional Sustainability Manager, Kyagalanyi Coffee Ltd (Volcafe), Uganda, Industry representative – Retailer
Alvaro Gaitan
Alvaro Gaitan, Science and Technology Director, National Federation of Coffee Growers, Colombia

Tharic Galuchi
Tharic Galuchi, Consultant at Imaflora and Researcher at Wageningen University
Grace Mogambi
Grace Mogambi, KTDA Management Services Limited, Manager of Speciality Products, Trade Certification & Product Diversification

Blandine Konan
Blandine Konan, Sustainaibility Program Lead, Cargill West Africa

Florian Schäfer
Florian Schäfer, Project Manager, Sustainability of Fruits and Vegetables, REWE Group Buying GmbH, German

Harkirat Sidhu
Harkirat Sidhu, Consulting Program Coordinator, Rainforest Alliance, India


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